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I'm home now. Feeling a bit scared and rather alone.
Where was I you may be wondering. I didn't want to post it as I didn't want the world to know the house was empty.

Two Sundays ago I got up and plopped down in front of the computer. After a short while I got into a Skype voice chat with Darren Millbank. Something seemed odd. I was having trouble forming my words and slurring. Darren could tell as well. While this was happening I got up to get something out of the fridge and I fell. I didn't trip, didn't feel dizzy and never lost consciousness. I just fell down. After a while I went to lay down in bed. About five hours later I got up and was fine.
 The next day my side/chest hurt where I fell on it. Tuesday the pain was worse. Wednesday the pain was unbearable, so I went to the emergency room. No broken ribs and all other tests came back okay.
The doctors were concerned about my symptoms on Sunday. They did tests including an MRI of my brain. The results were not good. Turns out I was having a mild stroke that Sunday.
I haven't noticed any residual effects, bit I need to be very alert.
I never suspected anything like this.
Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

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I don't know what to say. I guess I am still numb.
My dad has been in poor health for a while. He passed away this morning. Kindly pray for my mother, my family and I.
Thank you.
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'57 Plymouth

If only I had money...

...I'd be out here in a heartbeat!

Can you imagine buying a BRAND NEW '64 Chevy?!
There are quite a few videos of this on YouTube. Watch and drool.
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Bad news morning.

My father has macular degeneration. He was first diagnosed years ago and has been under treatment for it ever since. First eye drops then injections. It can't be reversed and there is no cure, they've just been trying to preserve the vision he has. About 6 months ago we were told the injections were no longer working and his eyes were getting worse. At that time the eye doctor recommended a series of injections of a new (very expensive) drug that has shown some promise. This morning we got the results.
The injections didn't help. There's nothing more that can be done.
My dad is going blind.
The reason I am still here in NJ and not in Palm Beach County Florida (where Id like to be) is because my parents have been needing more and more help as time goes on. This soon however is going to mean some major lifestyle changes I dare say for all of us. My dad will have to stop driving. My mom, who has good vision never learned to drive and at 87 you've got a snowball's chance in...... well, you know the rest.
The only certain thing now is uncertainty.
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