U/T & Artair's Den

Tiger scratchings & bear droppings

U/T Tiger & Artair Bear
8 January 1959
Let's see........ a little about me. Hmmm.........

In spite of how it may appear, this journal is not shared by two people, nor am I schizophrenic. I'm just a furry with two very strong fursonas to express it. Artair the grizzly bear, and primarily U/T the Sumatran tiger. (U/T being the worlds only known scuba diving tiger)

As one can see from my interests list, my interests are varied; The things I am most actively involved in at the present being the furry subculture, mascotting and scuba & commercial diving.

I am also an evangelical Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. If upon reading that tidbit of info about me you can't stop yourself from spewing forth your rage and hatred of Christians, that indicates more about you than it ever will about me. Just don't bother posting your bilge here. Haters and hypocrites will be gleefully mauled. All others are more than welcome. My friends are a diverse group and that's the way I like it. Who knows? If you're not a Christian you just may find your preconceived ideas of Christians and Christianity to have been less than accurate.

Wawa is love